Rundo, Ron

As Ron Rundo escapes to his ancestral homelands in his artwork and in his heart, fortunately for us all, we get to enjoy his vibrantly colored ride. Captivated by the spirits of nature, he sets us squarely in the African Serengeti or does he! Born in Queens, New York on Oct.14, 1960, Rundo endured the majority of his growing pains in what many refer to as "The Concrete Jungle". And it is there, in the streets of Manhattan, where Rundo has found his inspiration to create the stunning collection of art work entitled "The Sunset Series." This collection of exquisite oil paintings and hand embellished, limited editions giclee prints, depict intense, metaphorical nature scenes that are imbued with a brilliant, masterful inner light. With each brush stroke the artist creates an intensity of sound through a pattern of circular motion. As an urban youth, Rundo found comfort in the myriad of New York City museums and become enthrolled. As a young adult, he willingly broke free of his graffiti upbringing and went on to study oil painting and figurative drawing for three years at The Arts Student League in New York City. He wisely chose to continue his studies in the old master painter tradition for many more years at the highly acclaimed John Frederick Murray Studio. Rundo has been mastering his profession for decades, evolving through a variety of artistic techniques and methods of application before settling on his own current, distinctive style.

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